Term Life Insurance

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Do you have adequate Life Insurance coverage to meet your loved ones’ future financial needs?


What amount of coverage is available?

  • Coverage is available in units of $25,000 (minimum $50,000). You and your spouse can each apply for up to a maximum of ten units ($250,000).
  • It is recommended that you and your spouse each be covered for a minimum amount of life insurance equal to at least five times your annual income.


Additional information on plans and application form: 

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Application Form for Term Life Insurance


Johnson Inc. (Johnson) is a licensed insurance intermediary. Johnson provides administrative, consulting and/or claims administration/payment services. Insurance products are underwritten by various insurance providers. Certain conditions, limitations, eligibility may apply. Policy wordings prevail.

Johnson Inc. is proud to offer 50 scholarships, valued at $1000 each, to students completing high school in 2018 and starting post-secondary education in the fall.

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